Stephany is the Director of Serendipity Bellydance as well as an instructor, performer and frequent writer for The Belly Dance Chronicles magazine.  As a child she performed and competed with multiple award winning drill teams. She began belly dancing in 2003 and has enjoyed it ever since! In 2010, she created Serendipity with a vision of inspiring creativity and exploring the limits of self expression.  

Cherracon (I know, I know, I love her name too) became a student at Lana's School of Dance at the age of five. She studied ballet and jazz throughout her adolescence. Her love of dance was put on hold for some years while she pursued college, became a mom and started her own business. She has recently added bellydance to her repertoire of awesomeness. And we are so glad she did! Her amazing energy and passion is extremely contagious.
Rebeca has been fascinated with music since a  very young age. She grew up studying music and playing classical instruments. At eight years old she was already performing, playing the violin in orchestra. She later picked up the acoustic guitar and entertained at multiple special events. In 2009 she began experimenting with belly dance. With her natural grace and musicality she is truly an enchanting dancer!
Genesis is a natural entertainer and has been performing her entire life. She started in gymnastics when she was four years old. By the time she was six she had decided she wanted to be a star and compete. She made Champion Cheer (a professional cheerleading squad) and competed across the U.S. In middle school she pursued singing and made a singing & dancing team called Sensation. Upon discovering belly dance, this multi-talented young lady (no surprise) became the junior member of Serendipity!